Property Valuation


Evaluation of properties for the government entities, individuals and corporate.

Documents Required

1. Ownership certificate copy.
2. Land map copy.
3. Building license copy (in case of built property).
4. Copy of the building completion (in case of completed property).
5. Copy of rent contracts (in case of rent property).
6. Copy of approved drawings (in case of built property).
7. Copy of identity card (for individuals).
8. Original proxy in case of a representative.
9. Trade license copy (in case of property registered under a trade license).

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1- Evaluation of empty lands (commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential) AED 2000.
2- Evaluation of an apartment: AED 2000.
3- Evaluation of a villa: AED 3000.
4- Evaluation of a built industrial land: AED 4000.
5- Evaluation of an agricultural land (planted land): AED 4000.
6- Evaluation of a building consisting of one ground level to (120 levels: AED 4000.
7- Evaluation of a building consisting of (13) levels and more: AED 6000.

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Responsible Department

Real Estate Registration Directorate

Working Hours

Sunday to Thursday 7:30-14:30

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Contact Details

- Telephone : 06-5104444
- Fax: 06-5288886
- Email:

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