This service allows the transfer of property ownership from one person to another. The seller and the buyer, or instead a legal representative, and a representative from a broker office must attend the service procedures. The Real Estate Registration Department must attest the broker office.

Documents Required

1. The buyer or seller must attend or their legal representatives.
2. A representative from the broker real estate office approved by the department.
3. Original ownership + original map.
4. Identity card (for the seller and the buyer), a passport and the family book.
5. Clearance from SEWA, in case the land is built.
6. Clearance from the Association of Landlords of the building if it is an apartment, shop or a car park.
7. Payment receipt for selling amount (cash or check) base on the agreement
8. Contract signed by the buyer and the seller.

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- 2% of the sales value for the Citizens and the GCC and 4% for the Foreigner, plus 510 AED per bond
- In case of selling through a legal representative, 2% of the sales value, plus 500 AED, and 10 AED as service fees.

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Responsible Department

Real Estate Registration Directorate

Working hours

Sunday to Thursday 7:30-14:30

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Contact Details

- Telephone : 06-5104444
- Fax: 06-5288886
- Email: