Favorable Regulatory Environment

Favourable Regulatory Environment

Sharjah is a particularly attractive investment destination and has what is considered the most secure and business-friendly environment within the region. Shurooq recognizes Sharjah’s sector diversity and offers a wide range of investment and business opportunities.

Investors have the option of setting up either an on-shore company through the Economic Development Department or a Free Zone company with the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority or the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Authority. Additionally, the Government of Sharjah is working diligently to ensure that the emirate provides a proper regulatory and legal environment conducive to business success.

Free Zones
  • 100% freehold ownership for foreigners
  • 100% repatriation of capital & profits
  • Exemption of import & export duties
  • 100% tax exemption environment
  • 100% exemption from all commercial levies
  • Economical workforce without any employment restrictions
  • Competitive property & warehouse leases
  • No income tax

  •  5% customs duties
  • 5% municipal tax
  • Lower minimum capital requirement compared to other emirates (150,000 AED)
  • No income tax
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