Marriage Contract for Woman with No Legal Guardian


  • Original and copy of the ID
  • Copy of  the passport of fiancé and fiancée
  • Original and copy of the certificate of non-existence of a guardian from the concerned authorities or court
  • Original and copy of the application
  • Original and copy of the Authenticated power of attorney permitting delegation of powers, in case the principal is acting on behalf of another party
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Application Process

  • Submit the application along with the required documents at the customer service office.
  • Sign the application by the fiancé and the two witnesses in front of the customer service officer.
  • Receive an approval from the judge.
  • Appear before the marriage officer to conclude the contract.
  • Pay the fees at the finance counter.
  • Receive the original marriage contract and a certified copy of it.


  • AED 200
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Responsible Department

Courthouse of Sharjah- Al Liya – Al Khan

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Contact Number


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Working Hours

8:00AM- 2:30PM except on Friday and Saturday

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Important Information

  • Personal attendance of both fiancé and fiancée.
  • Personal attendance of two competent witnesses of legal age.
  • Should the fiancée be a widow or divorcée, a proof of such status must be submitted, provided that she completed her legally prescribed waiting period and is free from any Shari'a impediments.
  • Should the fiancée have recently embraced Islam, a certificate of Islam proclamation must be provided along with a certificate stating that she is unmarried. The fiancée must be free from any Shari'a impediments.
  • If the power of attorney or any other documents issued outside the UAE, they must be duly translated and certified.

Should the fiancée be a housemaid, nursemaid or equivalent, a no objection letter is required from her sponsor