License Amendment


Amending a license by the waiver or addition of a partner, change of activity or amending a trade name. The amendment is done over two stages initial and final approval.

Required Documents

  • License Amendment form
  • Passport photocopies if new partners are to enter the license
  • Valid passport copies if the passports of any of the partners or service agents were expired
  • Government entities approvals if required
  • Investor list of licenses if applicable
  • Announcement from the Notary Public or Legal Affairs section
  • A letter from Legal Affairs Section
  • Technical evaluation if the amendment included a change of location

Note: The location is amended directly in the Licenses Section without going through the Initial Approval stage.

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Special Conditions

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How to get it

  • The Initial Approval form is filled for the new amendment
  • The form is presented to the Trade Names employee to apply the changes
  • In all cases the request is redirected to the Legal Affairs Section or the Notary Public to announce the change and prepare the contract
  • After the procedures in those sections are done the investor heads to the Licenses section to proceed with the Final Approval procedure
  • The Licenses employee approves the amendments and a Payment Voucher is issued
  • If violations from Inspection or the Municipality exist they are added to the voucher

The License is not to be printed until the Final Amendment is completed and that is initiated by paying the Receipt Voucher

Responsible Department

Sharjah Economic Development Department

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Working Hours

7:30 am – 2:30 pm

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