The issuance of a warehouse which belongs to a license


The issuance of a warehouse which belongs to a license issued in or outside Sharjah

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Required Documents

  • Warehouse Permit form
  • Signboards forms and a photocopy of the Calligrapher’s license
  • Photocopy of the mother Company’s License Certificate
  • A letter from the mother Company about the issuance of a warehouse license in Sharjah if the Company was from outside Sharjah
  • Tenancy Contract
  • One of the partners’ passport photocopy if the license was from outside Sharjah
  • Other Government entities approval if required

Special Conditions

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How to get it

  • The investor fills the Warehouse Permit form and the details are registered by the Licenses employee
  • The Inspection section performs a Technical Evaluation on the warehouse
  • The Licenses employee registers the Evaluation’s details and approves the warehouse’s details
  • A Payment Voucher is issued, and if there are any violations related to the License itself or any of its other warehouses from Inspection Section or the Municipality they are added to the voucher

The Permit is issued upon payment of the Voucher

Responsible Department

Sharjah Economic Development Department

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Working Hours

7:30 am – 2:30 pm


  • License:4% of the Tenancy Contract value for National companies (or according to space)
  • 8% of the Tenancy Contract value for Foreign companies (or according to space)
  • Printing:Dhs300
  • Development:Dhs200/300/500 (according to license type)
  • Representative Card:Dhs300
  • Permit for each warehouse:Dhs500
  • Smart Card:Dhs100
  • Signboard:Dhs100
  • Technical Evaluation:Dhs150 for issuance and location change
  • Lateness Fine:Dhs100 monthly if applicable