Issuance of a clearance permit


Issuance of a clearance permit for a Sharjah trade license

Required Documents

  • Clearance Permit Form
  • A letter of request for clearance (in Arabic)
  • On canceling a license, a letter of the final cancellation issued by the Department (original and copy) must be submitted. In cases of change in activity or cessation to sell certain items the amended and old licenses copies must be submitted
  • A printed detailed price statement report which includes the following: item name and number – cost-price – price before clearance – clearance price – clearance rate
    Original purchase invoices of the clearance items
  • Samples of advertising material prior to printing including an Arabic copy

The presence of the investor or his approved representative

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How to get it

  • The investor or his representative need to be present
  • The required documents are presented to the Sales and Promotions employee
  • After the procedure is done and the receipt voucher is paid the permit is printed

The permit is to be hanged  placed in a clear place in the establishment

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Responsible Department

Sharjah Economic Development Department

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Working Hours

7:30 am – 2:30 pm

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  • Clearance: Dhs2000
  • Clearance extension for 30 days: Dhs2000
  • Clearance warranty in case the license was in the initial cancellation stage: Dhs5000