Car Parking


Sharjah Municipality established the  "Department of Transportation in 2005 to organize the issues related to public parking

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Parking Subscriptions

Subscription cards: personal, commercial and extraordinary positions (for 3 or 6 months or a year) according to the details shown below:

One card


Constant value after discount


2,300 AED

4,150 AED

1,850 AED

6 Months

1,400 AED

2,500 AED

1,100 AED

3 Months

850 AED

1,600 AED

750 AED


2,750 AED

6 Months

1,700 AED

3 Months

1,000 AED

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SMS Parking Reservation

The sms Parking service is an alternative, flexible and convenient  way of paying parking fees.

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Parking Violation Payment

Violations can be paid positions by visiting the main building of the municipality or management of public parking in industrial zone no 5 or municipality building located Khalidiya area.


Telephone: 600522005
Fax: 06-5422407