Birth Certificate Issuance


  • Original birth notification stamped and signed by the hospital
  • Original and copy of family book for UAE nationals
  • Emirates ID card
  • Original and copy of parent’s passport
  • Original and copy of marriage certificate
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Application Process

  • Submission of application along with the required documents
  • Payment of required fees
  • Collection of the birth certificate
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  • AED 50 for the certificate issuance

Responsible Department

  • Preventive medicine centers
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Important Information

  • The applicant should be one of the parents or relatives up to the fourth class, if the applicant is not one of the parents or relatives, he/she should present a power of attorney from the father allowing him/ her to apply for and receive the birth certificate.
  • If one of the parents or both do not have a proof of their nationality, they will be transferred to the Notifications Section.
  • If the marriage certificate is issued outside UAE, it must be sealed from UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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