Zakat Fund is an independent federal authority, focusing on collection and disbursement of Zakat  within UAE.To propagate the role of Zakat in Muslim lives and raise awareness in society the Zakat Fund offers online Zakat calculation and payment as well as a Zakat Fatwa service. "Yasalonak", which means "They ask you" in Arabic, is an online Zakat Fatwa service dedicated to answering religious enquiries pertaining to Zakat. The service also includes a compiled collection of Zakat Fatawa by recognised scholars. In order to facilitate the payment of Zakat for the public, the Fund provides a number of payment channels. Donors from UAE and anywhere around the globe can pay their zakat online through "Zakat Online Payment" service. Furthermore, Zakat can be paid via mobile phone or deposited in any of the Fund's bank accounts available in a number of Islamic banks.

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Process Description

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the following code into your mobile phone *162#
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Choose the type of Zakat to be calculated, or the payment service.

Follow the instructions on the menu.

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Special Conditions

  • This service is only available for Etisalat GSM users.
  • Only credit cards are accepted, payment from Etisalat balance or through debit cards is not accepted.
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Working Hours

  • Public service hours:
    Sunday - Thursday: 07:30 AM - 02:30 PM
  • Phone enquiry hours:
    Sunday - Thursday: 07:30 AM - 02:30 PM
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Phone: 009715727722

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