Memorization of Holy Qur’an


To underscore the role and status of the holy Qur'an in the lives of faithfuls in the UAE and preserve the tradition of Qur'an memorisation, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments runs and supervises a number of Qur'an Memorisation centres across the country. In addition to memorising the holy Qur'an, students at these centres are instructed in Qur'anic sciences, the rules of holy Qur'an recitation, the prophet’s traditions, and the Islamic etiquette. They are also instilled with the love of God, His Messenger, their motherland and its leadership.The centres also offer students with outstanding performance financial rewards to encourage and reward their continuing excellence in memorising the words of God.

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Centres of Memorization of Holy Qura’an

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments regulates the establishment of the holy Qur'an memorization centres in the Emirate through the Religious Centers and Institutes Department which issues legal licences for those who want to set up memorization centres.The Department of Qur'an Memorization Centres at the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments develops and supervises these centres through continuous oversight, follow-up and visitation. The Department offers three types of courses: two winter courses and one summer course.This is part of the Authority's continuing efforts to deepen the reverence and greatness of the holy Qur'an in the hearts of Muslims, citizens and residents alike, by providing them with an opportunity to learn the holy Qur'an according to the recitation rules and the correct intonation and pronunciation.

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