The diversity of nature in the Emirate of Sharjah is one of the most important tourist attractions. Tourists from all over the world come to the desert of Sharjah characterized with golden sand stretching across vast areas

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Sharjah beaches are characterized with their striking beauty cleanness, and the mild climate. Sharjah upholds the traditions of Islamic and Arabic and dress restrictions do apply on the Sharjah beaches in terms of decency taking into account the public norms

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Beaches Places

  • Al Khan Lagoon to Al Mamzar Lagoon lies between Sharjah and Dubai .It is popular place for motorized water sports enthusiasts.
  • Al Khan Beach: Al Khan Beach stretches out from the old village in Al Khan to Al Layyeh power station and it is one of the safest beaches in the UAE.
  • Al Corniche Beach: Palm trees surround the sandy beach, stretching out from Sharjah Ladies Club along the coast to Coral Beach Resort.
  • KhorFakkan Beaches: The Oceanic Hotel & Resort beach is an appropriate destination in the city where you can enjoy your time and practice marine and water sports. The hotel charges for using their private beach. You can have a pleasant and delightful time swimming or barbecuing along the coast where many rocky outcropsare found. There are also charming sandy beaches and areas allocated for camping.
  • Khaled Lagoon & Al Buheirah Corniche: The Khaled Lagoon is a large expanse of water with a beautiful fountain at its centre. The lagoon is surrounded with aluminum fence and an evergreen Corniche creating a wonderful tourist attraction.
  • Buhaira corniche: It is one of the most populous places whose visitors can enjoy walking for long distances in a pleasant atmosphere and attractive landscape.
  • Sharjah Corniche: The Sharjah Corniche stretches from Al Buheirah Corniche to Ajman Beach, passing by the fish market. It is an appropriate destination for walkers
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