Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services Launches largest Center for Assistive Technologies in the UAE

Under the patronage and in the presence of Her Excellency Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Vice President of Supreme Council for Family Affairs & Director General of SCHS, The Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS) launched its new Center for Assistive Technology during GITEX Technology Week 2014. The center will empower persons with disabilities using the latest innovations in order to integrate them through education, employment and help them achieve greater independence and self-reliance.

HE Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Vice President of Supreme Council for Family Affairs & Director General of SCHS, pointed out: “ SCHS’s vision is to become the primary advocate for persons with disabilities, locally and regionally”. Her Excellency explained that: “SCHS helps them to overcome challenges they may face, especially when it comes to their integration in society. The Center for Assistive Technologies evaluates the disability, designs an assistive solution, and trains the person on taking advantage of it, then follows up on the evolution of the condition.”

Mohamed Alnabelsi, Marketing Officer at SCHS. Alnabelsi said that: “The Center will identify and provide the appropriate assistive technologies to enable persons with disabilities to carry out daily tasks, train them on usage and continually monitor them”.

Department of Town Planning and Survey launches “Guide to your Land” and “Plan with Us” eServices

Eng Khalid Bin Butti Al Muhairi, Director of the Department of Planning and Survey in Sharjah, inaugurated two new eServices at GITEX Technology Week 2014. “Guide to your Land” is a smartphone application that can be used to send plot coordinates in compliance with the urban planning of the area. The information includes the blueprints of the plot, its exact location, relevant regulations for urban planning, and notable public infrastructure in proximity. Users simply need to enter the plot number and area name to get a location and wealth of data about it.

Eng Al Muhairi also inaugurated the “Plan with Us” service, which is an interactive service that allows citizens and residents of Sharjah to make suggestions. Users may express their wish for an area to be used as a mosque, a garden, a shopping area, a public service, or a road. They may also suggest alterations to existing planning of such infrastructure, adding exits, access roads, crossroads, parking areas, and other facilities.

These ground-breaking services come as the Department undertakes efforts to present the public with outstanding smart services, to constantly improve its work flow, and to satisfy ever-growing needs. They can be accessed by visiting www.sdtps.gov.ae or downloading the SDTPS app from Google Play.

Sharjah Chamber launches smartphone applications

Throughout its successful participation in GITEX Technology Week 2014, Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched smartphone applications for its members and the public.

The services provided by these smartphones apps were designed to provide the public and members of the Chamber with power tools that will ease their transactions and bolster the Chamber’s competitiveness as an engine for sustainable development of the Emirate’s business community. The apps were benchmarked on existing best practices and bring a host of eServices to users’ smartphones.

HE Abdullah Sultan Mohammed Al Owais, Chairman of the Board of the Chamber said that: “The UAE has achieved an outstanding stature regionally and internationally thanks to its wise leadership and sound vision. Knowledge economy and the tertiary sector have especially benefited from this, and have become main factors in attracting investors who see the added value they can obtain when starting businesses in the UAE. Electronic transactions and eServices are particularly appreciated”.

His Excellency added that the emulation of initiatives from all governmental entities, whether on a federal level or within each Emirate, proves everyone’s determination to fulfill their role in society and achieve remarkable feats. Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry is thus keen on developing its own smart services in order to promote the output of the business community in Sharjah and to create an environment that encourages innovation. This participates to the execution of the strategy the Chamber has been entrusted to carry out by its members and partners.

His Excellency also expressed the Chamber’s will to keep developing its services, especially through digital channels, as they become essential to facilitate transactions for members. HE added that: “We are working on developing a more comprehensive database of members in order to accelerate the facilitation in transactions which should reflect positively on their own businesses. We need to keep up with all new best practices in order to remain competitive”.

Hussein Mohammad Al-Mahmoodi, Director of the Chamber, said that: “Smartphone apps provide valuable services to users and are in line with the Chamber’s prominent role as a catalyst in the business community and beyond”.

He added that: “The current direction is to keep adding eServices in order to become a fully smart Chamber of Commerce, and set the benchmark on a regional level. The new eServices will be constantly monitored and their efficacy will be evaluated, users will also be surveyed to get objective feedback”.

He pointed out that more smart applications will be launched in the future, as the Chamber strives to develop its services and improve the business environment in the Emirate, and in the context of the fast ascension of the UAE and Sharjah in all sectors.

Sharjah Government organizes panel discussion about “Technology and Acting”

Sharjah Government has organized a panel discussion during its participation in GITEX 2014 about “Technology and Acting”. Participants debated about the role of modern technology in media and drama, and how social media affected the profession of acting.

The panel included Emirati actors Bilal Abdullah and Mariam Sultan and was attended by a large crowd of GITEX visitors.

Participants insisted on the importance of technology as a vector for the media industry and in the work of actors, while media and drama play an essential role in shaping awareness on a global level.

Sharjah Government organizes session about “Poetry and the World of Technology”

Sharjah Government’s stand at GITEX Technology Week 2014 witnessed a session about “Poetry and the World of Technology”. A host of intellectuals and officials listened to Emirati poet Ali Al-Khawar’s analysis on how the evolution into the new digital era affects poetry.

Al-Khawar also presented his views on social media platforms and their usage as vectors for publishing content, as well as their implications, whether positive or negative.


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